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Hello and welcome to the first installment in what is to be an ongoing series of posts that deep-dive into the world of health, well-being, CBD skincare, CBD haircare, and CBD beauty products in general. Over the coming months and years we plan to utilize this platform to share what goes into the process of creating superior hair & skin care products, to explore the topics of health, well-being and beauty, and to help educate the public about the benefits of CBD as it relates to our bodies and the products we choose to put on them on a daily basis. 

But first, allow us to introduce ourselves.


We are Autonomy, a unisex hair & skin care brand dedicated to providing superior products that utilize rare, ethically-sourced ingredients of the utmost quality. 


Our mission is to provide our customers and their families with the most effective and clean personal care products available on the market today, to become industry leaders in this regard, and to work diligently with organic farmers and select partners to ensure our products enhance the lives of those wishing to actively pursue well-being as it relates to health and beauty. 

In essence, your success is our success.


Whether it’s full-spectrum CBD oil, shampoo, soap, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, lip balm or facial cleanser, we promise to utilize only ethically-sourced ingredients of the highest quality in all our products. To communicate clearly and candidly with our customers, clients, stockists, farmers, and all whom we are grateful to do business with. And to promote the health of our planet as steadfastly as we promote the health of our clientele. 


We understand that our customers have a variety of skin & hair care products to choose from and have worked tirelessly to set ourselves apart by sourcing only the highest quality, ethical, clean ingredients available on the market today. 

This includes ingredients such as Cambrian Blue Clay, which can be found in our Cambrian Clay soap, and detoxifying coconut charcoal, which can be found in our deodorant. And it also includes what lies at the core of all our products. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil, or full-spectrum cannabidiol oil - a non-intoxicating hemp extract that includes not only CBD but the important, beneficial phytocompounds CBC and CBG, giving our customers the full-spectrum experience. 

As with all ingredients in Autonomy products, we source only the highest-quality CBD and ensure that, once harvested, our hemp is  meticulously extracted, quality tested, and mixed specifically to give our customers a dose proven to have the greatest positive impact for both new and advanced CBD users.

And that, essentially, is what sets Autonomy apart. Unique ingredients, a rigorous vetting process, and a commitment to quality that ensures we continuously provide our customers and their families with the best CBD hair & skincare available on the market today. 

Welcome to Autonomy.