Bathing Tips For Your Skin

Rub a dub dub. Let's talk bathing tips for your skin. This is one of those articles where you read it and are like "well duh, everyone knows that" but then reads another thing and is like "I was today years old when I found out about this. How have I not known!" Let's talk about bathing tips everyone should know.

How Long Should I Shower For?

The shorter the better. This answer varies by expert and individual but a rough range would be 3-10 minutes. I get it, sometimes the thought of starting the day can be so unwanted that you just stand in the shower a little longer. But beware because soap and shampoo, although remove dirt and clean you up nicely, can also strip your skin of essential oils and break down your moisture barrier. Time + soap + hot water = dry skin, especially in the winter months when the air is already a little more dry. So keep it short! Also, if you live in CA like me there's a constant drought so bonus for water conservation.

How Often Should I Take a Shower?

Sometimes it might be warranted to take 2 showers in a day i.e. before work and after a workout but they should be quick and the key word here is "sometimes". An ideal amount would be anywhere from a few days a week for non-active people and once a day for the actives.

Cold Showers vs Warm Showers vs Hot Showers?

The hotter the water the more damage you might be doing to your skin by drying it out or irritating it. They are however a good idea if you aren't feeling well, as they can clear phlegm and help open up your airways. Normally though, you're much better off with warm to cool showers. Cold showers have been known to have the following benefits...

Personally I'm a bog fan of the start warm and finish cold. It gives me a boost towards the end that invigorates me.

After Shower Care?

Moisturize people! You just stripped your skin of some moisture thus YOU NEED MOISTURE! Indulge in some lotion or body oils to rejuvenate and replenish the moisture you may have lost while scrubbing up. If only there was a website that sold premium moisturizing products? Oh wait... you're on it. Scroll to the top and check out Autonomy's Butter Cream Lotion or The Original Skin Elixir or if you really want to experience some hydration domination sensation use the body cream first and follow it with the elixir. BOOM!

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