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113 G / 3.5 OZ | 1000 MG full-spectrum CBD

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The purest of the pure, with zero additions or modifications, our full-spectrum CBD oil includes other non-intoxicating phytocompounds derived from the hemp plant, such as CBC and CBG, to give our customers the “full-spectrum” experience. Grown, harvested, and extracted by farmers in the USA, our oil is intended for either topical or ingestible use and is left potent in order to provide the maximum benefit to both new and advanced CBD enthusiasts. Works great on its own or combined with other Autonomy products. 

*our CBD is derived from organic hemp

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Skin Use- The increasingly number of studies are all pointing in the direction that topical use of CBD oil may help with numerous ailments. Anti-inflammatory responses would appear to be useful for: acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, sunburns/sun damage while bountiful anti-oxidants could benefit dryness, aging and wrinkles.

Ingestible Use- Daily CBD use is growing in popular for its belief in helping manage a variety of conditions, like anxiety and pain. It’s even being researched as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. CBD is considered safe, according to the World Health Organization , but mild side effects have been reported, including: diarrhea. appetite changes. weight changes.

We encourage our customers to stay educated about the products they use. The environmental working group is a good resource for finding out more. Click the link below to take a deeper dive into this product.
Highest Quality. Honest Prices.
Our handcrafted products compete alongside similar brands that mark up their costs 3X-5X. We make zero compromises in terms of quality ingredients, manufacturing, or business ethics (fair labor and sustainability). We simply believe that offering customers a great value is the foundation to long-term business success and is the honorable thing to do. Enjoy premium skincare at a fair price.